About Us

Welcome to Treasures of Our Nation, an e-commerce platform giving space to all aspiring craftsmen and craftswomen of Florida! Our objective is to celebrate, promote, and encourage the diverse types of creators and inventors available in our country who do not have the resources to start their own business or have their own online shop. We provide the space for their talent, connecting them to consumers who want to buy all American products!

Our Mission & Vision

Treasures of Our Nation’s mission is to be an e-commerce shop that sells diverse arts and crafts pieces made by small yet talented craftspeople and innovators of Florida. In this way, we are able to be a proudly all American shop that promotes and celebrates the talent and hard work of American craftspeople!

Our vision is to dig up the treasures of our nation – that is, the talented creators and crafters who are not recognized simply because they don’t have the means to promote themselves. We are happy to provide the opportunity for them to promote and sell their work, showing the world how talented, hardworking, and creative Floridian people can be!

Our Diverse Range of Products

We are happy to present to our customers such a wonderful variety of products! Our product range is diverse, colorful, and extremely creative, with products spanning across many different categories including Arts and Craft, Home Décor, Living, Outdoors, Furniture, Pottery, Food , Soft Furnishings, and much more. All products in our range come from numerous artists, craftspeople, and creators of Florida, so there is never a lack of diversity or options for you to choose from! Furthermore, most of our products are crafted by hand, which makes them top quality and truly one of a kind. If you love shopping unique things, you will find just the right items at Treasures of Our Nation!

We guarantee you will enjoy browsing through this interesting and wonderful variety – just as much as we like setting it up for you. All products are sold at different prices, depending on what our respect artists and creators would like.

Our E-Commerce Shop

Of course, our online store would not be as wonderful for our artists or buyers without the right online shopping experience. This is why we have put a lot of emphasis on providing the best online selling and shopping experience to our users. From top notch user friendliness to detailed support, easy posting and browsing of products, safe payment methods, and reliable customer service, we have everything covered in the most positive and convenient way. At Treasures of Our Nation, you will love the experience you get – whether it is as a seller or a buyer!

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For Sellers…

Are you an artist, craftsperson, creator, or innovator of any type of product that you think people would love to buy but don’t have the resource to promote it? You’ve come to the right place! Treasures of Our Nation is a place that is looking for your type of talent and creativeness. Any products that you would like to sell, you can do it through us! We have a full online presence and audience that is here to purchase American products so there are high chances of your products being sold at Treasures of Our Nation! Get started today to start selling your products at Treasures of Our Nation!

For Buyers…

Love shopping for unique, creative things? Love supporting local talent and small artists and craftspeople? Love American made products? You will love Treasures of Our Nation! Our e-commerce brand is a unique shop that only sells the unique products of small, unrenowned artists, creators, and crafters. We want to help promote and support the talent and hard work of these artists which is why we are providing them the space to sell their products at. When you shop here, you are shopping from small artists, many of whom are trying to earn a decent living. Shop today to support these American artists and creators.

Our Customer Care and Support

Apart from providing the right platform to promote small artists, we are also providing the right support and care service to our clients and customers. Anytime you have a problem, question, or concern, you can get in touch with us for assistance!